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Photography 101: Lighting

sunset photography
Lighting affects your photo big time. For beginners, you may practice different position and how it affects your photo. You should observe how the intensity and distance of light affects the mood of your photos. It takes perseverance and dedication to become the best photographer you can be.


Light Source


To produce soft lights, you need to use broader lights. The explanation of this rule is the light is scattered from different directions thus making it soft. You’ll notice that your picture has less shadow unlike with pictures that have narrow light source.  Small light source or narrow light source produce heavy images. This works well with other themes or depending on the mood, emotion that a photographer wants to show in his picture. The farther the light source the dimmer the photo will be. So make sure that you know the proper distance of the light otherwise, you will produce poor quality images. Practice diffusion and bouncing techniques. These two are commonly practiced by professionals to create the balance depending on the outcome their photo wants to show.




Front light helps you produce flat images. The perfect example is the front flash of your camera. The light is directly pointed to your subject and the background thus making it flat and has little shadows.
Side lights gives you sharp and define the shape of your subject. That’s why in photo studios, you’ll see left and right lighting accessory, to produce highly defined subject photos.
Back lights are great for moody images. Back lights are usually used to high light the shadow of your subject while giving clear visual of the background. The perfect example of back lighting is standing in the direction of the sun. You’ll notice that you can barely see yourself but rather you see a shadowy subject in a crisp, clear background.


Kelvin Scale


Did you know that light has color and temperature? That’s the reason why Kelvin scale was invented. It is used to measure the temperature of light sources thus affecting the color of images. Do you wonder why you get bluish photos during day light? That is because the light temperature is high during day light and it shows in your photos. Light temperature changes depending on the location and light source. You can shift your light temperature from 2000K to 9000K depending which suits you best.


kelvin scale chart

Practice Makes Perfect!


The best advice we could give you is never give up. Every professional photographers were once lousy with their photography. What separates a great photographer to a mediocre one is the amount of practice they had. As you practice, you’ll learn which lighting is perfect, how shadows affect the mood of your photo, and so on. So never give up on your dreams, keep shooting till you get the perfect shot!
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Two of the Most Picture-Perfect Places in Portugal

Douro Valley

If you are looking for picture-perfect places to photograph, the wide array of Portugal hiking tours and adventures in urban areas or the countryside offer you plenty of picturesque spots to choose from. Prepare to be charmed by quaint villages, dramatic landscapes, enchanting Mediterranean beaches, impressive architecture, and so much more. With so many destinations to choose from, we have rounded up some of the most beautiful places that you will love to take photos of in Portugal.

Coimbra is a scenic riverfront city that sits on the banks of the River Mondego.For centuries, it is one of the country’s top places for arts and culture. The city is home to a wealth of architectural attractions and to one of the oldest universities in Europe.
Points of interest: Universidade de Coimbra, the medieval old town, Arco de Almedina, Igreja de Santa Cruz, Jardim Botánico, Mosteiro de Santa Clara-a-Velha, the Old Cathedral, the New Cathedral, and Praça do Comércio

Douro Valley
You cannot choose a more scenic place to go for a hike in the country than the Douro Valley. So if you have a chance to go for a trek or simply explore Portugal’s nature areas, make sure to head to this little slice of paradise on Earth. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this glorious cultural landscape offers a wide range of stunning vistas. From the towns and villages to the region’s famous vineyards, prepare to feast your senses as you explore the amazing sights in the valley.
Points of interest: Casa de Mateus, Chapel of São Pedro de Balsemão, the boat trips down the Douro River , Museu de Lamego, Museu do Douro, Parque Arqueológico do Vale do Côa, Parque Natural do Douro Internacional, Quinta do Panascal vineyard and visitor’s centre, Quinta do Pôpa, and Santuário de Nossa Senhora dos Remédios

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What Makes A Photograph Great?

taking pictures

For some people, taking a selfie with a good angle on a mobile phone is enough for them to be called future photographers.

But you know what?

There’s more to photography than it seems.

You see, it’s not just the angle that makes a photograph great. You also see, it’s not just the gadget that makes a photograph great. You even see, it’s not just the motivation that makes a photograph great.

It’s about the current emotion.

This goes for both the photographer and the one who is being photographed. Every moment captured by the photographer stems from the fact that the one who is being photographed is currently feeling happy – let’s say, because of her upcoming wedding. Every moment captured on the one who is being photographed also stems from the fact that the photographer is currently feeling excited – let’s say, for the upcoming wedding. Otherwise, every moment captured will reflect simply on what both parties have been feeling lately.

It’s about the right lighting.

In photography, lighting is described as the use of light to show certain effects on a visual representation that can either be practical or aesthetic. What most people fail to realize, however, is that lighting also represents a photograph’s soul. It’s what makes a photograph an inspiration. It’s what makes a photograph an enigma. It’s what makes a photograph as radiant as the sun. It’s what makes a photograph as special as the moon. In other words, it’s what makes a photograph worth sharing for other people to see – and most of all, for the entire world to see.

Indeed, there’s more to photography than it seems.

How about you?

Do you like taking pictures? What do you think makes a photograph great?

Are you a professional photographer? What do you think should make a photograph great?

Share your thoughts with us below, or as you check out this Fujifilm XT1 used by professionals.

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