How to Take Photos of Your Plants Under LED Grow Lights

I’m pretty sure you know how LED lights look. They’re bright pinkish, making the plants under them look different. But what should you do if you want to take photos of your plants? There are four methods you can choose from to come up with an awesome picture.

What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get Method

This means you use the natural color of the LEDs to create a good shot. LEDs produce an artistic hue that can add drama to the photo just like the one below.


In this photo, the photographer applied the depth of field technique, also known as focused-foreground, blurred-background or vice versa. With a DSLR or a smartphone, you can focus on the leaves of the plant or the LED bulbs in “front” and blur the other elements at the “back.” This makes the picture look more dramatic, colorful, and unique. Take your photography to the next level and check out these LED grow light reviews!

Angle-Challenge Technique

You can do this by taking a step back and find an angle where the color of the plant can be emphasized. It may be a bit difficult, but the result would be worth it.


Post-Picture Method

If you’re not in favor of using the purple color that LEDs naturally produce, then you can edit the photo you’ve taken afterward using Photoshop or Lightroom. These are the elements you should adjust after taking the photo:

  • Tint – to lessen the magenta and pink hues
  • Temperature – to reduce the orange color left after the first step (the amount of reduction will depend on your preference and the photo you’ve taken)
  • Red and Blue Channels – adjust these channels as they also affect the orange and magenta channels
  • Saturation – This is optional, but you may have to adjust this so that the picture doesn’t look fake
  • Contrast, Exposure, Highlights, Shadows, Clarity, Whites, Blacks – Experiment on your own while tweaking these elements. Stop when you’ve reached what a photo that looks natural and not far from the plant’s natural color. You can identify the plant’s natural hue by using Method 7 Operator LED Grow Room Glasses.


Flash Technique

Obviously, this uses the flash in your camera. It’s the ideal method for those who want to take a photo of the natural color of the plant.


In the photo, you’ll notice that the buds’ colors could be noticeable. Aside from making the plant appear theatrical, the flash also brings out the tiniest details about the plant. This allows the viewer to see how the plant is developing through growth stages.