Make Your Kitchen Picture-Perfect

Before you take pictures in your kitchen, first give it a new look with the best kitchen cabinet redecoration tools! Here are the ways you can make your kitchen ready for a photoshoot.

Repaint it

white-kitchen-cabinetsGive it a fresh coat of light paint. Darker kitchens look smaller than they are, so opt for a light-colored paint when repainting your kitchen walls, cabinets, and counter. When painting, remember that the secret lies in the three-color palette. Your first color is the part of the kitchen that won’t be changed—like your cabinets and countertop. The second color is the neutral color you prefer. Use it to color the wall. Make sure it complements the first color. This color will serve as your kitchen backdrop. Lastly, your third color should make your kitchen look stunningly one-of-a-kind. Usually, it’s a bold and an unexpected color which goes well with your first and second color. The third color, which adds a sort of “pop” in your kitchen, is best for your kitchen’s stools, cookware, vases, and so on.

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Improve Lighting

kitchen-lightsAfter changing the colors in your kitchen, enhance the lighting. Good lighting can make your kitchen appear larger, regardless of the color. You can add LED strip lights to your cabinets and shelves to illuminate the counter space. Also, opt for energy-saving light bulbs instead of the usual incandescent ones. You may want to clip pendant lights onto your track-lighting systems too. Outdated light fixtures should be replaced or remade. Lastly, it’s best if you add a mirror since it’s a great light reflector that will make your kitchen appear elegant and adequately lighted.

Get rid of clutter

No one would want to take a picture with a cluttered kitchen as a background! Decluttering has a lot of benefits. It can make your kitchen free from bacteria and contaminants and could save a lot of space. Remove any clutter in your kitchen cabinets and drawers. Donate or throw away things that haven’t been utilized for a long time. If you don’t need it, then get rid of it. Clear the counters by storing items somewhere else. If necessary, add more shelving for additional storage. Hang stuff that can be hung. Make the counter as neat as it can be. Find spaces that can be used for storage, like corners.

Choose furniture wisely

It’s best to go for furniture that can be easily kept away when not in use. These can be backless bar stools that only need tucking, drop-down, wall-mounted cutting boards or tables, and roll-out kitchen tables or cabinets. Be smart when selecting furniture.