Night photography
Lowel Ego lights brings you set of high quality products for your photography needs: Stand & mounts, light controls, and hard & soft cases . Also, your very own compact Lowel Ego has other accessories to assist you in your photo shoot.


Lowel Ego-sweep


To assist you with your background needs. It has stand & clips for hassle free set up. You can simple use colored backgrounds and clip it to your Lowel Ego-sweep.


Full Set


By buying the full set of Lowel Ego Light system, nothing can go wrong. You have everything you need to photo shoot your product or subject with ease. It comes with 2 Lowel Ego lights (w/ lamps) and  Ego-sweep.


Other Lighting System


We also have Rifa exchange and Soft core for bigger photo shoot needs. Like the Ego system, we created other lighting products with many features and function without destroying your budget.


Lowel Ego Replacement Lamp


No other lamps can match the lighting experience you can get from our brand. If you need to replace your Lowel Ego lighting system make sure that you only replace it with Lowel Ego Replacement Lamp to get the desired results.


Set Up Your Own Studio At Home


We are the experts in setting up studios, we’re an award winning company for a reason. Let us help you.

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