How to Make Your DIY Projects Picture-Perfect

Want to flaunt your DIY projects to the whole world through the internet? Well, make sure they look good first!

Check out the tips below.


Use a belt sander

For woodworking projects to be stunning, you need to make sure they’ve been sanded, trimmed, leveled, and smoothened first. How do you do that? Well, use a belt sander! They’re made exactly for those tasks.

Some belt sanders have an angled design too, which enables you to get close to the edges while you sand floorboards. Angled belt sander also elevates the front portion of the machine, exposing the sanding belt. This feature is excellent for sanding places that are difficult to reach.

More about belt sanders here

DIY-tote-bagMake sure they’re colorful

Colorful DIY projects gain more attention than dull ones, especially during summer. Bright-colored projects also suggest positivity and improve the mood. For instance, a tote bag with felt sewed to it is pleasing to look at. You can even paint the bag with your favorite color. Basically, anything colorful is attractive as long as you’re able to showcase its natural color through your camera.

Speaking of colorful, for inspiration, don’t forget to check out the stylish bags in They’re definitely picture-perfect.


Use a wood planer

If you purchase a lot of pre-surfaced lumber, you need a wood planer. This tool can help you prepare the surface of irregular or warped wood to produce planks with the same thickness. This is usually utilized first before the sander. Once your planks have the same thickness, they’ll be ready for whatever project you have in mind. Even planks are better to look at that a DIY project made of uneven and warped wood. Want your projects to be ready for the camera? Prepare the wood correctly.

Paint them with your favorite color


Lastly, for your DIY projects to get that Photogenic Award, you have to paint them using a paint sprayer. Why a paint sprayer you ask? Because they can distribute paint more quickly and more evenly compared to a paintbrush and a roller. Plus, paint sprayers are easier to use and master. There are so many handheld sprayers nowadays available on the market. And since they release paint faster, they would be dry sooner. The sooner they become dry, the sooner you can take a photo of them and the sooner you can post it on your website or social media accounts.

Photography Tips

DIY projects may be a bit difficult to take a picture of especially if they’re huge. Just don’t forget to take lots of photos from different angles so that you have enough options to choose from. Remember to bring out their natural color and to make sure the background is acceptable. Use natural lighting if possible and avoid using filters. Use a high-quality camera to exhibit every detail of your DIY projects properly. Don’t forget to have fun while taking pictures!