Banda Liceo Guatemala

Description of Banda Liceo Guatemala Application made to support the Banda del Liceo Guatemala. In 1956 the Colegio Liceo Guatemala was founded, led by a parade preceded by the Band of the College founded in the old school for infants, that is why it is older than the Liceo Guatemala itself. Being the second band formed within an educational establishment. Over time the Liceo Guatemala and its band have undergone modifications, both musical and physical, the then gala costume was transformed into the current costume, being worn by many generations of students. The band formed as a War Band has participated throughout its history in the most important events both internal and external to the institution and has been since its inception a formator of important values ​​within the youth such as responsibility, values civic, commitment, teamwork, discipline among many more; and at the same time it has formed within its members the character of taking charge of the rest of their colleagues. The band has had many moments of glory and has been an example for the rest of the bands that with the passing of time have emerged in other educational centers. It has been awarded with innumerable awards and decorations, some unique in its kind to date, such as: – Most showy and elegant Gala dress at the National level. – Prize for the most original march whose name is Respice Stellam Voca María (Morning Star, alluding to the Virgin Mary). The Liceo Guatemala was the first school to organize Band Festivals (1991), which led to many educational institutions taking up the idea and currently being held everywhere, but it remains the only school that carries out the activity in its own facilities, thus being the most anticipated Bands Festival by the general public. The band consists of various musical instruments – Trumpets – Fife – Xylophones – Triplets – Drummers – Boxes – Drums Likewise, it maintains its style of the traditional squads, made up of: – Spenders – Flags – Pennants – Escorts La Banda del Liceo Guatemala, has been characterized over time as an innovative band that through time is attached to the moment in which it is maintaining its style and tradition, so it contains a wide repertoire in terms of marches, some made by the students themselves, and some by instructors who have been in charge of it. He has participated in different competitions in which he has taken the first places over time, such as those organized by: – Contest of September 14 of the Ministry of National Defense. (decade of the 90’s and 80’s) – Magno Contest. – National Contest of the Society of Marching Bands (National Champions 2005 and Central American 2004, best commander, best variation, wind soloist 1st. Place, lyre soloist 1st. Place, lyre soloist 2008) The band has an anthem and shield own, the latter designed by their own students at the end of the 90s. In 2008 the Marist Flag was instituted for the flag-bearer squad, thus giving a touch that gives greater enhancement to the national activities. In 2014, the Marching Bands Society awarded the award for “Best Bands Festival” In 2017, the Community of Bands of Guatemala awarded the award for the “Best Festival of Bands of the Republic of Guatemala” With you the Glorious Band of the Liceo Guatemala.

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