Torah Portion

Description of Torah Portion Every Saturday at shul, usually preceding the reading of the weekly Torah portion, the Rabbi talks about the morals in the portion and gives it a contemporary flavor.Not in this app.Michael Laitman’s Weekly Torah Portion App offers innovative ideas on the process of the world’s correction, known as Tikkun Olam.Dr. Laitman is a Kabbalist, scientist, professor of ontology, and author of more than 40 books. His extensive knowledge and innovative perceptions make his interpretations of the Torah contemporary and refreshing.While touching on current affairs in politics, society, and education, Laitman tells the story of our souls, the soul of each of us, through the stories we all know and cherish.According to Kabbalah, says Laitman, the “protagonists” in each portion are symbols, representing situations and sensations we all go through, especially those who seek to “rev up” the spiritual side of them.Did you know, for instance, that crossing the Red Sea stands for a person shifting from egotism to altruism? And did you know that without wicked Haman, Israel would never be able to come back from the exile in Babylon and build the Second Temple? Laitman’s explanations are rife with such innovative notions that make us examine Jewish history in a different and refreshing way.Each week, your app will be updated with the latest insights on the weekly portion. These insights derive wisdom from The Book of Zohar, from the Midrash, and other Jewish sources, and are spangled with bits from science and from history. These ingredients blend into a refreshing piece of text that is thought-provoking and a joy to read.We hope you will enjoy your Weekly Torah Portion App and would love to hear your feedback through the feedback form in this app so we can make it even better for you and for all our readers.

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