Book Marketing Mentors

Description of Book Marketing Mentors Because the success of your book depends on you, and not on pixie dust or a magic wand, you need valuable resources to jump-start your book marketing and selling success.Book Marketing Mentors is a weekly podcast that features experts who share proven techniques to challenge your assumptions, and offer you a variety of solutions. Hosted by Susan Friedmann, CSP, international bestselling author, and founder of Aviva Publishing, this new and exciting initiative aims to supercharge your marketing efforts with fewer struggles, and more success. With over 300,000 books published each year in the U.S. alone, it’s easy to drown in a sea of sameness, which means you need tools, tips and ideas to stand out from the crowd.Jam-packed with smart, easy-to-implement ideas to pump up your marketing, each episode highlights key concepts and simple systems to help add power and zest to your book marketing efforts.You can pick and choose from dozens of traditional, non-traditional and contrarian techniques for your book marketing campaigns that match your personality, and your budget.The wealth of ingenious solutions waiting for you on these podcasts can certainly help win you more fame and fortune, but with one proviso – you must implement them! So take action and start listening today. http://bookmarketingmentors.comWishing you much book marketing success!

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