Updates for WhatsApp

Description of Updates for WhatsApp Being to the last time you have become a way of life, having the latest phone, downloading the use of fashion and knowing each of the functionalities on offer has become something akin to a competition.How many times have you told your friends that a new version came out and you did not have it? Well now you can update whatsapp video calls for free.Being in search of trends can be exhausting, if not impossible. That is why from this application you want to make things easier. With this application you can know all Whatsapp news.Whenever an upgrade occurs for Whatsapp comes with new enhancements that did not have the previous one. So it was the case of double checking the blue, the new design or solutions of errors that may be burying your helmet however you even know and update whatsapp for video calls.Download it and find the available updates and do not miss the opportunity to update whatsapp new version.From this application will keep you informed of the latest updates. It is already available in the Play Store as a new one just to download in the official website of WhatsApp. From this information on the new versions of the last update of Whatsapp.So that seas the first of all to enjoy the latest advances of new technologies, with this application will be impossible to despise them. Download it now and buy a Whatsapp version on the last!With this application you are up-to-date on whatsApp latest updates like updating whatsapp video call.Do not wait any longer and discover the latest wasap updates. So you can update whatsapp new version for free. Yes, absolutely free of charge.Describes how to update whatsapp 2016 video call and launch to the latest version.LEGAL NOTICE 1. This application has nothing to do with the WhatsApp application. 2. This app was created just as an APP fan game. 3. Whatsapp name is the property of Whatsapp Inc.

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