AIS Roaming

Description of AIS Roaming AIS Roaming is an International Roaming Application from AIS that brings you the convenience of subscribing to AIS Data Roaming packages yourself, anytime, anywhere in the world. Data usage while overseas is now convenient and saves money too, whether you want to use the internet, email, chat or other data applications. The AIS International Roaming Application offers you the following 3 services: You can: 1. Inquire about and subscribe to data roaming packages with great savings in the country you are roaming 2. Inquire about and subscribe to great savings Voice & SMS roaming packages. 3. Subscribe a roaming package in advance. 4. Check your subscribed roaming packages, including the package details and remaining usage allowance 5. Check roaming service rates in any country All the above services are available on both mobile data networks and WiFi hotspots.

Download APK(8.52MB)

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