Tamfitronics 3

Description of Tamfitronics 3 With this application you can have access to our services online directly on your mobile for anything you want pertinent to our services; Instrumentation, electrical, electronics, project management, News Updates, Media viewing and sharing, and more as here-under…Deals from many sites, amazon. buy.com, eBay, etc.You can share your knowledge with friends and community, join groups, create technical discussion such as Medicine, Mathematics (ordinary, advanced, and engineering), Chemistry, Electronics, Electrical, Instrumentation, Computer Programming, Web Design and troubleshooting, and domain, Project Management, etc…Our Service are:1. Strategic Business Plan2. Project Management Consultancy Services3. Engineering Consultancy (Electrical, Electronics and Instrumentation)4. Manufacturing(Electrical, Electronics>> OEM and ODM)5. House Plan Design with fully integrated Wiring and Extras6. Electrical and Instrumentation Design/Construction Contracts7. Web Hosting & Domain Services – Information and Design8. Educational resources to scholarly articles and projects9. General Services: Oils and Gas, Marketing, Promotions, Trading10. Products to buy (if you see any product you like to have; do not bother about Credit Card; just tell us – conditions apply).

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