Description of UJJIVAN SWAYAM 2.0 Ujjivan Swayam 2.0 is a unified and holistic digital learning experience platform for the millennial learner who’s no longer tied to a desk or a schedule. The LMS mobile app facilitates on-the-go learning, anytime, anywhere so that learners can complete their assignments on their mobile devices at their own convenience, even while being offline. Ujjivan Swayam automatically syncs completed coursework the next time the learner’s online. Ujjivan Swyam 2.0 includes user-friendly navigation and customizable themes that let you make the learning experience truly your own. The digital learning experience of Ujjivan Swayam goes beyond that of the average learning management system by making learning fun, through personalized, gamified learning pathways for individual learners. Learners can complete courses bundled as Mini missions, Missions and Boss Missions that earn them points, badges, memberships of exclusive clubs as per their levels and ranks on the Leaderboard. Today, any learning management system worth its salt has to enable the utilization of the dynamic knowledge repository of an organization. Ujjivan Swayam 2.0 achieves this with Discussion Forums where learners can post their queries on dedicated threads, and their peers or trainers can resolve them. Empowered also facilitates the voice of the learner to be heard through features like Opinion Polls and Surveys. For the benefit of the learner, the Ujjivan Swayam app also facilitates a date-wise activity list, with the Calendar feature, and a priority-wise list of assigned courses, with the To-do feature. Ujjivan Swayam digital learning experience platform supports all forms of training courses including eLearning, ILT or classroom training and blended learning. The feature-rich app enhances ILT programs by including features like updating attendance through scanning individual QR codes of learners, and automatic inclusion of waiting-list learners in ILT programs, in case of unavailability of the ones already included. The learning platform also has built-in provisions for creating Pre-assessments to gauge learners’ readiness for a course, and Post-assessments to test learners’ knowledge retention and absorption. Empowered further facilitates Feedback modules that can be assigned to any course, where learners can provide responses that help evaluate the effectiveness of courses. Here are some more features of the Ujjivan Swyam 2.0 Learning Management System Mobile App: • Progress status for learners • Notifications of assigned courses on the Dashboard • Advanced search filters • Catalogue courses that go beyond what’s assigned • Reports and analytics for administrators • Tracking course-completion of teams by supervisors at all levels • Compatibility with SCORM 1.2 and 2004

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