2021 Test DGT Autoescuela – Gratis

Description of 2021 Test DGT Autoescuela – Gratis If you want to be able to access the official agenda for 2021 easily and quickly to learn it and be able to pass the theoretical one, keep reading! Imagine a mobile Driving School that has nothing to envy to traditional driving schools. You will be able to progress at your own pace and learn everything you need to be able to pass the theoretical exam and thus obtain permission B. The characteristics that make us unique: 1) Practice questions: do you remember what you studied 2 days ago? Prove it by answering random questions from any module on the official syllabus! 2) Exam simulation: imagine that you are in front of the official theoretical exam and that you have a limited time to answer all the questions of the DGT Test. More than imagining it, now you can do it in the application! 3) Traffic signs: show that you can easily get your driving license and that you do not miss any traffic signs, not even the strangest ones! Our app will help you learn all the traffic signs you need to know to get permit B. 4) Test history: if you don’t want to make the same mistake twice, now you will have the opportunity to learn from them by taking a look at your history of tests, so that they are well recorded in your head and you pass the theory easily! 5) Online course: if you are the type of person who learns best with videos and explanations, then it would be a good idea to acquire our online course, since you will be able to see videos of each lesson of the official 2021 syllabus with all the explanations you need to pass the theoretical exam and get your driving license in no time. Say goodbye to traditional driving schools and learn in a few hours everything you need to pass the DGT Test

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