Description of MemoWords The process of language learning itself is complex and requires a great deal of patience, and the person’s efforts come first. In addition to listening, reading, and writing exercises, you will continue to add grammar and vocabulary. As part of this complex process of language learning, we have difficulty adding to our vocabulary or identifying new words. Everyone would agree that the traditional method of memorizing new words on a piece of paper is ineffective. Because we thought we had fixed it, but we don’t remember when the new word appeared in the text we were reading a few days later, and we often retrieved the dictionary.Based on the Mongolian Academy of Mental Health’s many years of successful foreign language word memorization training program, we have a multilingual MemoWords application that allows you to memorize words in an interesting and fun way that suits your brain function. With the help of this app, which is constantly being developed and the vocabulary is constantly increasing, you can successfully pass the language test in 10 languages, including Japanese language proficiency test, Korean Topik, and English TOEFL test. Language options: English, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, Turkish, German, Chinese, Russian, French, Italian Let’s memorize words and learn the language with Memo Monster! 😉

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