Descarga Cultura.UNAM

Description of Descarga Cultura.UNAM This application allows you to listen, download and enjoy the contents of Download Cultura.UNAM, the podcast site offered by the National Autonomous University of Mexico through its Cultural Dissemination Coordination. In this podcast site, and now through this practical and innovative application, you will find a wide variety of literature in audio format, the reading of which you can listen to while you are transporting from one place to another, do some exercise or just take a break to enjoy: short story, short novel, poetry, essay, chronicle and theater. The materials have been recorded by professional readers and, even better, by their own authors. In this way you will enjoy literary pieces, both national and foreign, classical and contemporary. You will also find music produced by our National University, conferences, science dissemination material, courses and much more. This is a free university extension service and universal access.

Download APK(2.73MB)

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