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Description of LingLing Learn Chinese Learn to speak Chinese fluently in just 10 months! The revolutionary method, which will change the world as you know it!Over 1 billion people all over the world are studying Chinese language right now. Only 30% percent of them can speak this language… Do you want to be in this 70% that is only wasting their time – studying and still not knowing it? How much time of your life did you waste already for non-effective methods of learning?★★★★★ "That`s a revolution in the world of fun & education!"★★★★★ "I am addicted to it – this is a really crazy, yet awesome way of learning Chinese!"The revolution in the world of teaching Chinese is now coming! The most effective method of learning in the world!************** Important **************With unique LingLing algorithm YOU MEMORIZE 750 WORDS EACH MONTH***************************************By buying new packets 1% of revenue goes for charity – for children.After 10 months you can speak Chinese fluently while having extreme fun with the characters of LingLing – 15 totally crazy students of LingLing school who will go with you through your life`s biggest adventure!State-of-the-art system of memorizing mixed with fun – helps you make an amazing progress every day!GAME & FUN✔ Learn Chinese by playing an exciting and beautiful game in HD✔ Create your avatar from over a billion of combinations and go with him through this amazing adventure✔ Discover all the secret Achievements and hidden bonusesLEARNING✔ 20 times faster learning than traditional methods – 750 new words each month✔ Database of 21.000+ Words in 3 difficulty levels, and still growing (1500 for free)✔ Already translated into 17 languages (English, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, German, French, Tagalog, Hindu, Ukrainian, Thai, Polish, Italian, Indonesian, Turkish, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic)SOCIAL✔ Compete with other people – Challenge your friends✔ Share your progress – show people how fast you are becoming better each day!(Arabic language requires Android v3.0 or higher)Download now! Start your biggest adventure right now for free!

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