Animal SoundCalculator free

Description of Animal SoundCalculator free It is electronic calculator application for child that a sounds. You can be used to a calculation while playing happily. You get on, and curious child can play alone. Downloading is free.It is the application with a simple electronic calculator function.The illustration of various animals is included in a number of 0-9.Each sounds from the animal which You touched.■List of the paste・0 dogs・1 cat・2 elephants・3 horses・4 cows・5 sheep・6 hamsters・7 monkeys・8 ducks・9 lions・dotted pigYou can calculate by 11 kinds of various animal happily.Please use this application for the making of opportunity deepening understanding about the structure of the animal.You can make an opportunity to become interested in about a number and the calculation at the same time.In addition, You are busy and recommend use of this application to child on slight business at time when a hand does not turn around at time when it is not worked hard of mother when child does not stop crying when You want to dandle child.I recommend that use this application as a part of education and the communication of child.

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