YGS-LYS Bilgi Platformu

Description of YGS-LYS Bilgi Platformu What can you get with YGS-LYS Information Platform created for university candidates? You will be able to ask all the questions you are interested in about universities, departments, preference ordering, university students in the relevant department or our specialist instructors. It's free as well. All your questions will be answered within 24-48 hours. With the YGS-LYS Knowledge Platform you can access the course notes. If you want, you will be able to work in a math class. You will be able to access all YGS-LYS questions that have been issued since 2006 and thanks to our application on answer keys. It is now very easy to reach the answers of the questions you can not solve. Take a picture of the problem you can not solve, share it in the Q & A section, write other users' answers. Do not you have enough knowledge about the sections you are interested in? You will be able to access sections written by university students with one click. All the questions you are wondering are a single click away. With the Preference robot and the ScoreMatic you will be able to calculate your scores and see the schools and sections you can earn on your scores. Thanks to our news section, you will have instant access to last minute information. Not only can you study, you can stress with YGS-LYS capsular.

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