Kajian Ust Abdurrahman

Description of Kajian Ust Abdurrahman Welcome to our application! Thank you for downloading our lecture and study app. This app contains a complete set of reviews from Ust Abdurrahman. The application of Ust Abdurrahman's study gives spiritual splashes to all of us both parents and children. With this application you can add insight, faith and devotion to God. With a variety of lecture themes hopefully to strengthen our faith in God. Offline Lecture – You can use this Ust Abdurrahman lecture application offline by clicking the download button / download the mp3 file then automatically the study and the lecture will go into your folder. This application is made in order to help us preach to the religion of Islam both in Indonesia and abroad. This application is very light and has a clear voice with very easy use. Some lecture and study themes from Ust Abdurrahman: – Adab Choosing Wives Shari – Character of Salih man – Second Moments of Death Rasullullah Bag 1 – Second Moments of Death Rasullullah Bag 2 – Factors Cause Takfir Thinking – Fanatic against Specific Schools – Slander is easy to disbelieve others – Become a Wife of Idaman – Ghanimah and Prisoner of War – The nature of Hijrah Rasulullah We will add more themes to the lecture in the future if many enthusiasts to this application. Thank you for rating our rating, we will develop this app for better and more useful. Hopefully this application can give wisdom and make our faith better.

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