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Description of Let’s Review | Study The Let's Review is an application that manages, quickly and easily, scheduling revisions, based on studies on the "Curve of Forgetting", performed by the German psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus."But what is this such a Forgetting Curve?". Well, the study of human memory Ebbinghaus describes that soon after the first hours of learning, our content retention capacity undergoes an exponential loss. In their experiments, the psychologist noted that immediately within 24 hours of learning can forget 50% to 80% of the information! In a period of 30 days, the percentage drops to about 2%!According to Ebbinghaus, repetition is a decisive and essential factor for greater retention of what we learn. Periodic reviews (made every 24 hours, 7 days, 15 days and 1 month after the schedule) are responsible for establishing more and more content, converting it into knowledge.The idea, then, is to carry out cyclic review, reminding content in increasingly spaced times, again for 100% of the learning curve. This is where the Let's Review join by automating this cycle and facilitating the reviews. :)Doubts? Problems? Suggestions? Send us an email! partiurfb@gmail.comLike to study? Visit our Instagram! @partiurfb

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