Description of LogSearch * Overview It is an application to display / search log information of amateur radio. There is no function to enter / edit / delete logs. Log data is read and used after editing the file output from PC log software into this application format. Please refer to the following for the creation procedure of the log data that the app refers to. ★ If you can not start the app, please switch on [Settings]-> [Apps and Notifications]-> [LogSearch-> [Permission]-> [Storage] to allow access to storage. * Function: Display log information. Display key is date, then call sign. You can change it in the settings. The display order (sorting) is ascending order. You can change it in the settings. ・ Search: You can search log information. The search target is the call sign by default, and other items can be selected on the setting screen. Search for entered characters in partial matches. If there is no search character, it will match all. Search characters are not case sensitive. ・ Start / end display: Moves the display position to the beginning and end of the log. ・ Display key switch: Reverse date and call sign. ・ Display key reverse order display: Reverses the display order (sort order) of the display key. · Search target item selection: You can select the target items to search for log information. ・ Corporate station color: You can color call signs for special memorial stations and memorial stations (prefix 8J, 8N, 8M). -With JARL station color: Call signs of JARL stations (JA? RL, JA? YRL, JA1YAA) can be colored. ・ Read log: Reads the log file of SD card. Erases previously read log data and then reads it again. * LogSearch Log data creation / reading procedure 1. Export data in CSV format from PC log software. 2. Edit the log data in CSV format into the items that LogSearch handles (see below) using Excel etc. 3. Change the separator in CSV format to tab. 4. Convert the character code to unicode (UTF-8) and save it as the file name qso.txt. 5. Copy the qso.txt file to the / sdcard / LogSearch / folder on your Android device. 6. Start LogSearch application and execute "Read Log File". * Log data format, character code Unicode (UTF-8) ・ Separator character tab ・ Data item _id: Key number … Assign from 1 to sequential numbers callsign: call sign date: Date and time … The format is free rstsnd: Send RST rstrcv: RST reception band: band mode: mode handle: handle qth: QTH remark: Remarks / Cautions -Line breaks in items are not supported. * Restrictions -The log file name to read is fixed to qso.txt. (/sdcard/LogSearch/qso.txt) * If the amount of log data is quite large If the amount of log data is tens of thousands or more, reading takes time. In that case, there is a method to create a DB file on PC and copy it to the terminal. Please refer to the website information for the procedure. * App permission information This app requires the following permissions. -Storage: Refers to log data of SD card.

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