Description of GeoSafari GeoSafari is GeoNet communications mobile dialer brand for VoIP, Sms, and instant messaging (IM) services. It is a soft phone that uses internet on your mobile device to make and receive calls. GeoSafari is mobile VoIP at its best! It enables users to make on-net and off-net calls on their iPhones and androids phones. GeoSafari has several exciting features that beats all other calling apps: >The app is free for download and no advertisements are included> Unlike other apps, its users can make calls not only to GeoSafari subscribers but they can also call non-GeoSafari subscribers > You can make calls to other persons who do not have smartphones. >GeoSafari on-net calls are free while off-net calls are cheap and affordable. >GeoSafari subscribers are able to break out of the network and make calls to any other mobile networks at subsidized prices.>Subscribers also enjoy long distance and international calls at very affordable rates.> GeoSafari has a simple user interface >You can still make high voice quality calls even in environments with poor internet connections and weak signals.GeoSafari is definitely the newest way of communicating with family and friends both near and far. We ensure you enjoy the pleasure of communication without worrying about the state of your wallet!ATTENTION: We wish to inform our customers that any attempt to get their credit card information at the time of download is fraudulent. Upon sign up, GeoSafari does not ask for your credit card information, we give free calling minutes with the download of the app to ensure that our customers enjoy their first off-net call for free.

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