Kids Piano Lite

Description of Kids Piano Lite It's a Kids Piano.It's a Kids Game Friend.It's a Kids Music Teacher.It's a Mother's Helper to Keep Children Quiet.It's a Music Box to Remind you of your Childhood.Recommend ★ Family to Play Music and Sing Together ★Funny Voices : Sing songs by Piano, Dog, Kids, Xylophone, FemaleRecommend ★ Dog ★Easy Instrument : even small children may play wellRecommend ★ Eight-Tone ★Happy Games : Hit Mouse, FindMatch, ShootRecommend ★ FindMatch ★Beautiful Songs : 11 Free SongsRecommend ★ Jingle Bells ★Self-teach : Autoplay, Sheet Music, LyricsRecommend ★ Autoplay ★Lovely Skins : Piano, Animals, Duck, ButtonsRecommend ★ Animals ★Support Big Screen and Small ScreenUser Guide :1. You may turn on the baby mode, if you dislike Ads. In baby mode, we don't show ads. Press Menu button and press "Baby mode on".2. You may change skin in "Skin", if you find the key too small to push.3. You may find 11 songs in "All" tab. The tab is just beside the "Favorite" tab.4. You may contact us, if you have any suggestion or meet any problem.Email us

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