Craig’s Auto WiFi ADB Root

Description of Craig’s Auto WiFi ADB Root Fully Automatic ADB!How to use…Run the android app, then copy across the Windows Client which can be found on your internal memory on your phone, once the app has run…(Because the app checks to see if the windows client exists, it won't slow the app down extracting it each time unless you delete it)intsd/craigs/adbclient.exe (not your memory card if you have one, the phones internal memory)Run the Android app….Step 1. Run the Windows client adbclient.exe (copy first)Step 2. Enable (Root) Adb Wifi from OFF to On (on the android app)Step 3. Click on Connect ADB(only if you don't have the new version)copy it across via usb/wifi and simply run when required, or feel free to stick it the startup folder (but only do this on a closed network password protected, developing on an open wifi network is a no no)Get Developing!(Known Bug)STOP ADB – will stop ALL phones/tablets/devices currently connected, i'll sort that out later but not that important right now, so it's better to stop each device from within Android Studio/ADB console.Obviously if this app fails, email me and see what we can do! Full Source Code Released for windows client/server side! Delphi 5! as of 27/8/2017) to use the new Adb command line tools 07/11/2018)the old version is essentially the new one but with the latest adb tools (you can copy just adb.exe and required dll's manually, but in 1.7 it's included, simply delete adb files including the dlls)

Download APK(6.99MB)

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