Description of MESA MESA is a communication agency that through the visual language identifies and improves the corporate image, their values, their characteristics to convey positive feelings of reliability, competence and experience, this applies to each product sector, from the industrial product to the services for tourism, from design furniture to body cosmetics, from clothing and so on. It is therefore necessary to identify the critical points on which to focus the attention and build targeted strategies by improving the visual communication of the company. STRATEGY Communication and marketing strategies include catalogs, brochures, price lists, sample books, advertising campaigns, packaging, corporate identity, corporate logos, brands, photography, post production, printing, latest generation websites, responsive and e-commerce, app applications , exhibition stands and exhibition spaces. SERVICES The services dedicated to the creation and improvement of the corporate image, are for large companies or for any productive activity, we offer targeted communication solutions, with precise, accurate and incisive projects to guarantee a corporate identity, thus improving the sales prospects of a service or a product. EXPERIENCE The experience gained over the years and the excellent skills of our professionals, make the added value to start a project, complete it and achieve the best possible results.

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