Description of SMS to MAIL This app forwards incoming messages to one or more email or Phone address.SMS to Mail is the best way to forward incoming messages to an e-Mail address or/and other phone as SMS.To EMAIL SMS gives you the opportunity to :1) Pass SMS text Messages to Any Mail address or Phone2) Forward SMS Rule-based3) SMS after forwarding to delete Android <4.34) Log function 5) forward the message as SMS and email6) Backup all SMS forwarding to E-Mail7) visits to the last SMS and send it to an email addressthe program does not impede the function of SMS neither sending nor the receiving.Requirements:- Android Phone running from v 2.3.5 + with a working mobile data or WiFi connection- Background Data must be enabled on your phoneInstallation Steps :1. Install SMS to Mail2. Configure the settings and rules**** IMPORTANT *****:in to a Google Account, you need to Generate an App Password Look first link below.              you get the app Password just use this for the app login password.don't worry you don't need it again. You don't like it just delete then password on like above.It can be taken as an alternative an X any SMTP account.It is not possible to use your own certificates. The app can not use it.E-Mail setting for G-Mail: SMTP Server: SMTP Port: 587 SSL: False Start TLS: TrueExample of use:- SMS Forwarding to a mail account during the holidays because you do not want to take the mobile phone with you.- Forward the banking TAN SMS to simple Copy -> paste on the computer.- Common cell phone number for SMS and further distribution according to rules- Central Alarm SMS number and alerting via Email- Distribute VPN Token to more E-Mail Addresses.Enjoy the app and don't forget to leave some feedback. Thank you.I looking for help for translation. mail to me.

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