Kamus Bahasa Daerah Indonesia

Description of Kamus Bahasa Daerah Indonesia Indonesian language dictionaries with various vocabulary and local language translations you can translate the local language into Indonesian or vice versa Indonesian into the local language with a multilingual dictionary of this area you can easily search for word meaning or sentence very suitable for you guides or foreigners who want to understand the local language of Indonesia in this application is equipped with various dictionaries such as Javanese dictionary, japanese dictionary javanese dictionary, japanese dictionary, japanese dictionary, japanese dictionary indonesia, japanese batak, javanese dictionary, javanese dictionary, javanese dictionary, javanese dictionary, javanese dictionary, javanese dictionary, and various other local language dictionaries you will be presented with an attractive display and users are very easy You do not have to worry in the remote because the dictionary here is offline that can work without network even though it is very suitable to help you wherever you need it whenever ❖ dictionary indonesian language ❖ offline dictionary ❖ Javanese dictionary ❖ regional dictionary ❖ english dictionary english dictionary ❖ dictionary indonesia ❖ kbbi dictionary ❖ full dictionary ❖ complete dictionary of all languages ❖ complete Sundanese dictionary ❖ sansekerta dictionary ❖ dictionary sentence translation ❖ dictionary of batak language ❖ regional languages ❖ dictionary of lampung language ❖ Malay language ❖ madura language dictionary ❖ dictionary of manado language ❖ the language of the field ❖ dictionary of padang language ❖ Sundanese language

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