Description of Ataner Do you live in Atanerze or plan to buy from this Poznan developer? In that case, this free app is for you. Thanks to it you can: – know the news from the life of the company and individual buildings – always have at your fingertips addresses and contact details for the administration and the apartment sales office -see an up-to-date offer for the sale and rental of apartments and offices – look at pictures of individual investments – those that we have already built and planned – log in to your account and check the balance of rent payments – check the addresses of our buildings along with the route designation to them – know the news and information about the MM Gallery Thanks to the simple and intuitive Ataner application, you can always have these options at your fingertips – on your phone. Keep up to date with events organized by your developer, get to know your neighbors and take part in competitions and events on the estate. Easily control rent payment and see how to get to a friend who lives in another Ateman building.

Download APK(3.34MB)

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