Radio Nuevo Mundo

Description of Radio Nuevo Mundo Nuevo Mundo is an informative, opinion and entertainment station. Our central news, ENTRETELONES, the one that has been broadcast the longest in Chilean broadcasting, is broadcasted through our extensive network of broadcasters throughout the country. This news program, together with the daily program "What's next to each news item", which analyzes the background of national and international news with panelists from the political, economic and social life of Chile, constitutes an unmissable block for those who seek truthful information and timely. Our captive tuning incorporates medium and low economic partner groups. The segments with greater presence are the C3, D, C2 and ABC1 men and women between 24/60 and more. Many of them leaders and social, neighborhood, union, sports and union leaders. Its current programming also includes sports programs and transmissions from outside. Along with the above, Nuevo Mundo and its national network privilege interactive spaces, with a strong cultural diffusion and citizen participation. From the musical point of view, we broadcast topics in Spanish, preferably Latin American and music of remembrance.

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