Description of Alpha-V Because it was presbyopia, I saw a small letter. Because of his low vision, he was eager to read popular novels. But I'm afraid to buy an expensive digital expander. Digital expander 'Alpha-V' solves this inconvenience. You do not have to carry an auxiliary device to check the letters separately. If you need to check the documentation, take your phone out. Come on, Alpha-V! Payment of bills No problem now ~ No matter how small the text is, just zoom in. Now check 'mine' yourself! ** function 1. Zoom in-out at any time with just two fingers 2. Touch ~ to focus on OK! 3. It's hard to check it away. Capture! 4. If the text looks fuzzy, change the text – change the background color one. Black and white function couple. Black-and-white inversion function Three. Black-yellow function four. Blue-White Function ** The Daejeon Metropolitan Aid Center is a nonprofit organization operated by the Ministry of Health and Welfare and Daejeon Metropolitan City and strives to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities through professional assistive technology services. If you send us a handbook about downloading this application, we will discuss it with the developer and try to reflect it. Thank you.

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