Magic 8-Ball

Description of Magic 8-Ball Who does not know the famous Magic 8 Ball (🎱). This magic ball has been answering your questions for decades now, and here it is on your phone. It’s powerful and effective. And 100% free. 🎱 How it works ? Just think of a question and shake the ball. You then get an answer inside the sphere. Luckily the app will shake the ball for you and you can only focus on your problem to solve. 🎱 What’s the point? Many people ask questions without getting answers. Should I say Yes or No? Family and friends can’t always help. And getting good advice about life choices is not easy. 🎱 This is where the Magic 8-Ball comes in. With the help of its integrated magic you can ask all your questions and all you have to do is let yourself be guided by the answers. 🎱 Can you trust the answers? Attention, this is a game. It is important to consider the answers as a decision aid and not as a truth. To do this, turn to clairvoyance applications such as the clairvoyance ball or the lucky fortune teller. 🎱 This version incorporates many designs to suit your tastes and moods. These options are all free.

Download APK(18.81MB)

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