Cool Tattoo Manager

Description of Cool Tattoo Manager Tattoo art is a popular art form in today’s society. Many young people prefer to express themselves in the form of tattoos. But there are also people who like tattoos, who are afraid to try real tattoos because they are worried about not looking good, and some are because they don’t have much time to try, etc… Now, these problems are solved. If you want to experience tattoos, download this Try the app~ This is a virtual tattoo app. Import pictures into this application. You can select any tattoo sticker in this application and add it to the picture to get a tattoo picture, try it now~ Main features: 1. You can import pictures in a variety of ways 2. Have a variety of styles of tattoo stickers, each with its own characteristics 3. You can also add some superimposed effects to tattoo stickers, etc. 4. Appropriate detail adjustments can be made according to the actual situation to make the effect more realistic Disclaimer: This application is for entertainment only and will not collect any information from you.

Download APK(21.38MB)

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